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Time for Plan B: Protect Your Business with Document Scanning Services

According to a report from Fox 17, the roof of a local business caught fire. Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident:

An investigation is underway after a Kentwood business went up in flames Tuesday after witnesses saw a Chinese lantern drop fire onto the roof.

It happened in the 200 block of Breton Industrial Avenue in Kentwood.

“Where they come down there’s no control, it’s flammable and could start fires anywhere,” Kentwood Deputy Fire Chief Gregory Ginebaugh said.

The National Association of State Fire Marshalls has called for a ban on these types of lanterns because of the fire hazard they pose.

The initial damage estimate is $10,000 as others wonder how many more times this will happen before new policies are set in place.

Chinese lantern may have sparked business fire

Repairing your store and replacing damaged products and equipment will eat into your profits. To make matters worse, large-scale damage can easily stymie business operations for weeks, making it difficult to recover. This type of scenario is dangerous since statistics show that 40% of businesses forced to close shop after a disaster never reopen their doors.

Luckily for business owners, there are many steps they can take to establish a reliable disaster recovery plan. Some of these steps include:

Evaluate your risk

Although natural and man-made disasters affect all types of businesses, they do so differently. Assess the risk your business carries for each type of disaster. Ask yourself how each disaster can damage your business and plan accordingly. Certainly in the article cited, this business’ risk might have been minimized had they employed a document management service.

Always create and update backups

If your business relies on a ton of documents to operate, you definitely want to have backups of those files—and lots of them. Always keep multiple copies of important files, both hard copies and digital copies. Many reputable scanning companies like Spectrum Information Services offer to store both digital and physical records in a secure off-site location. You’ll also want to keep some backups in your own home for an added layer of protection.

Test your disaster recovery plan

The last thing you want to happen after a disaster is to realize your recovery plan doesn’t work. Test your plan regularly to see what works and what needs to be improved on. Providers of document scanning services are more than happy to help you test your recovery plan. In case you find something wrong with your plan, you may want to consult IT and disaster recovery experts like Curtis Pilon, or his staff at Spectrum Information Services in Irvine, CA.

Check your insurance

Certain disasters, such as floods, aren’t covered by basic business insurance. In such cases, repairs will be made at your expense. Double check your policy and make sure your business is covered for every major disaster.


(Source: Chinese lantern may have sparked business fire; Fox 17 News; September 10, 2014)

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