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Spectrum’s 3 Core Competencies

Spectrum Information Services SIS






Full Service Scanning:

We will pick up or receive your documents (i.e. corporate records, invoices, medical records, human resource documents, etc.) and scan them daily, weekly, monthly, or annually in one of our production centers.

On-Site Scanning Services:

If volumes are significant and the opportunity requires it, Spectrum will come to your location and perform scanning services on-site.

Turn-Key Scanning Workstations:

Spectrum provides a turn-key scanning solution that includes: scanner, workstation, software and training. This will allow your company to perform your own scanning with the latest technology without the requirement of capital expenditures. These turn-key scanning solutions are available for rental, purchase, or lease.

We look forward to serving you.

Curtis P. Pilon

Curtis Pilon , President and CEO Spectrum Informaiton Services

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