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Secure Web Repository

Get peace of mind.

Through our Secure Document Storage and Retrieval System.

Secure Storage Spectrum Information Services customers are given a firewall-protected Web portal for authorized users to retrieve files whenever they’re needed. Our flexible system utilizes the latest security technology to create password-protected profiles for small to large groups. We’ll design a secure document storage system that’s fully scalable to accommodate your organization’s size and needs.

Files can be retrieved instantly through a secure web browser. Our technology uses advanced navigation and search functions allowing users to search easily.  Customers can search through document collections (or categories), single document titles and/or sections within individual documents, then view results in the their own web browser.  Files are deep indexed and can be secured down to the document level.

Creating a secure document storage repository will ultimately save your company time and money while reducing errors, frustration and lost documents.

Benefits include:

  • Trims up to 90% of your operational and storage costs
  • Cuts up to 80% of the time it takes to find vital information
  • Provides easy and secure access to documents from any location, 24/7
  • Enables dramatic improvements in staff efficiency and productivity
  • Easily scales to add more users and store more content as needs grow
  • Empowers users to manage Web and other content without burdening IT
  • Helps meet sustainability goals: cuts paper, waste, energy, storage, shipping
  • Rapid ROI – provides strong value and low total cost of ownership

We’d be happy to help you streamlining  your processes and securing your business documents. Call  Spectrum Information Services for a personalized consultation and quote.