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Competition if fierce in the retail industry, and what makes it more challenging is handling both internal documents and customer data responsibly.

With data breeches all over the news, the last thing you want is to be the next company in the news when it comes to lost customer records.

A solid, secure backup of records can make all the difference in a disaster recovery situation. Don’t risk the loss of countless documents by not implementing one today.

In the fast-paced competitive retail environment, there’s an abundance of invoices, receipts, employee records, HR documents, and other files that can become overwhelming if not properly stored.

Managing these documents can bottleneck your retail operations and staff which takes valuable time from serving customers on a daily basis.

To help streamline operations, it’s extremely important to have a retail document management system in place. Spectrum Information Services provides solutions to help digitize and store your documents to create a stress-free environment when it comes to storing, locating and protecting key business information.

Documents from both your company and the vendors you work with need to be readily accessible in order to do business in today’s market. If you’ve been relying on storing these records in a warehouse or backroom full of boxes, there’s a much more efficient and secure way.

Not only can we help you implement the software solutions that give your team access to these records in digital format, but we can also scan and perform accurate data entry to convert years of backlog paper files into electronic format.

This allows your staff to search and view records within seconds from any computer station within your business.

Both customers and vendors will appreciate faster turnaround times and service when you move from paper-based document management to an electronic solution.

If you consider the costs associated with storing physical records, this includes both manual labor from employees searching as well as expensive box storage costs either onsite at your retail location or box storage facility.

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Centralized Records Management

Establish a central document repository with protected access to sensitive records

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Generate productivity across all departments with less wasted time finding documents

Cloud Backup Protection

Ensure important records are protected from theft and fires with a cloud backup offsite

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