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Print and Mailing

Whether it is a quality service at an affordable price or supplying superior equipment, training, and support for an in-house solution, your satisfaction is our number one concern.

Spectrum has forged long-term alliances with a premier group of manufacturers, software developers, and service providers that allow us to offer a wide variety of quality print and mail services, as well as equipment to our clients in order to meet their needs in a time-efficient, cost-effective manner.

Statements are custom designed to be more informative, yet require 50% less paper. Additionally, Spectrum can print letterhead using the latest  technology  that eliminates press printing costs altogether.  All data files from Microsoft to Sungard can be transmitted to save time and transportation costs. Once behind our secure firewall, we process, print, and mail anywhere in the United States, often at a discounted postage rate.

Statement printing samples and equipment product literature will be provided upon request.

Our Mission? To reduce your company’s costs while simultaneously helping to grow your business.

Curtis P. Pilon

Curtis Pilon , President and CEO Spectrum Informaiton Services

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