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Pharmaceutical Document Management Solutions

Biotech and Pharmaceutical Document Management Systems

Spectrum Information Services provides document management solutions for Pharmaceutical and BioTech companies utilizing pharmaceutical document management software.

pharmaceutical document managementPharmaceutical and BioTech companies face tremendous pressure, internally as well as externally, in trying to rapidly bring products to market, decrease cycle time, ensure compliance, and increase productivity. Spectrum provides the perfect pharmaceutical document imaging software that is the perfect fit for your institution.

Does your company need help facilitating collaboration of research data?

Spectrum Information Services can help with a major obstacle faced by biologists; the slow transition of data from person to person. Breakthroughs often take longer than necessary because information is not easily transferrable, however, Spectrum can speed up collaboration among colleagues by scanning the documents and making the data accessible online.

Spectrum can help improve your efficiencies in these areas by providing subject matter experts to manage all your scanning needs including back file and day forward scanning:

  • Laboratory notebooks
  • Electronic submission of clinical trials
  • CRF/DCF automation
  • DD MAC support
  • Human Resource files
  • Technical reports
  • Litigation documents

What are the benefits the Spectrum can provide for Pharmaceutical and BioTech companies?

  • Full chain of custody
  • Facilitates compliance with FDA, EFSA, and HIPPAA regulations
  • Automated distribution of work to the right person at the right time for processing
  • Improves management of inventory control
  • Enables electronic submissions
  • Allows ability to track experiments in more details
  • Secures research data in the cloud and makes it accessible to authorized personnel only

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