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The pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated and this applies to documents as well. Without a proper document management system in place, you face a long list of issues in the event your documents are lost or mismanaged.

Disasters can happen at any time, don’t risk the destruction of valuable research to a paper-based system. It makes sense to protect intellectual property in the event of a disaster with a secure and proven electronic document management solution.

Today’s pharmaceutical and biotech companies face more pressure than ever before when it comes to bringing new products to market. Both internal and external forces demand they decrease cycle time, ensure compliance, all while increasing productivity.

Spectrum Information provides the perfect pharmaceutical document imaging software that helps deliver these results like never before by using advanced solutions to facilitate the collection and storage of research data.

A major obstacle faced by biologists is the extremely slow transition of data from person to person. Breakthroughs often take longer than necessary because information is not easily transferrable, however, Spectrum can speed up collaboration among colleagues by scanning these documents and making the data accessible online in a secure manner.

This not only helps your research team but can also be used for streamlining and improving another related documents, such as:

  • Laboratory notebooks
  • Electronic submission of clinical trials
  • CRF/DCF automation
  • DD MAC support
  • Technical reports
  • Litigation documents

Spectrum can help improve your efficiencies in these areas by providing subject matter experts to manage all your scanning needs including backfile and day forward scanning.

This includes the full chain of custody while helping facilitate compliance with FDA, EFSA, and HIPPAA regulations. When you need to automated the distribution of work to the right person at the right time for processing, our solutions deliver.

The right document management solution improves the management of inventory control, enables electronic submissions and allows your team to track experiments in more detail compared to paper-based processes you may be currently using.

By securing your pharmaceutical and biotech research data in the cloud, it makes it easily accessible to authorized personnel only while protecting your information in the event of a disaster.

Decrease Cycle Times

Helps Ensure Compliance

Increase Overall Productivity


Speed-up Collaboration

Access Data Online

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Greater Efficiency

Automated distribution of work to the right person at the right time to improve overall processing

Online Access

Secure your research data in the cloud and makes it accessible to authorized personnel only

Improved Control

Improve your management of inventory control with detailed tracking, audit trail and reporting

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