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Our Mission

Secure. Robust. Innovative.

Spectrum Information Services provides leading edge enterprise capture and business process  solutions which enable them to better protect, manage, capture, preserve, store and access their mission critical documents through the life cycle of the document.

Value Proposition Commitment

As a document management service provider, the most important deliverable is to clearly understand the client’s business objectives and design, implement, and deliver a quality solution that meets their individual business needs.

When we engage a new account or application, we establish joint goals that reflect what we refer to as “value propositions”. These value proposition deliverables consist of hard and soft dollar benefits that our clients are looking to receive at the end of the document conversion project implementation.   While project objectives are always unique to each client’s business model, and the order of priorities change from one client to another –  it has been our experience that these value propositions generally fall into the following  “high priority goals” and include:

Automate, Accelerate & Streamline Business Processes

Since digital information can be easily uploaded and integrated with your ECM or ERP systems, having backfile information converted to a digital format helps organizations further capitalize on the technology dollars that have been invested in these critical business systems by affording more information to be accessed and stored in the ERP/ECM solution. The end result? Faster ROI for your company.

Improved Efficiency & Productivity

Documents are available anytime, anywhere – no more lost or misfiled documents.

Better Customer Service

By providing the ability to access client information from the desktop, you are able to better service and support your client base.

Advanced File Integrity & Security

Because of the enhanced security of digitally based documents, organizations are better able to control access and manage the overall security of their mission critical documents.

Audit & Compliancy Issues

One of the primary reasons that organizations migrate from analog to digital delivery and storage of their critical documents is to assist them in adhering to and meeting industry and government document management regulations. A clearly defined document management strategy which will provide long-term access to your critical files will ensure that your organization meets all the compliancy regulations.

Reduction in Cost

A well defined digital document strategy affords clients the ability to eliminate off-site storage costs, recapture expensive office to be utilized for core business processes versus file storage and often legal fees since mis-files and lost documents are eliminated with digital document delivery.

Enhanced Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Since digital documents can easily be stored in a back-up site, in the event of a disaster critical documents can literally be accessed from anywhere thereby ensuring minimal down time  maintaining business continuity.

Our commitment to our customers is that we will always take a consultative approach with each project to ensure that we fully understand each client’s individual project goals, timelines and budget restrictions.