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Is your legal firm still managing records strictly based on files cabinets and boxes? If so, you face a long list of potential issues due to lost case files with no method of recovery.

Keeping client records in paper format is not a responsible option. From fires and other natural disasters to data breeches, it makes sense to protect your legal case files using the right technology.

If your office were hit by a major disaster, how would you produce key client documents without an electronic backup?

By converting your case files and other legal documents into electronic text searchable files, the information you need is accessible like never before. Immediate access to these files increases your productivity and improves your time management on a day-to-day basis.

Not only will you eliminate costly, time-consuming searches for physical records, but you will also be able to respond to your clients’ inquiries faster and more efficiently.

As a result with our help with legal document solutions, your firm will be more equipped to obtain and retain more clients and increase billing while lower the monthly costs associated with storing and hunting for paper records in storage cabinets.

Spectrum Information Services provides legal document management solutions for law firms of all types from boutique practices to international firms.

Whether you represent a partnership of one or of many, access to critical case data can bottleneck your resources and slow progress to a crawl.

With our legal document management software, we can scan your records and populate them into your existing platform or implement a secure web repository for you.

Imaging running your firm with access to all the information you need to process cases at your fingertips.



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Apply retention rules to documents to save on data storage and comply with regulations

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Improve compliance with federal regulations in document storage and retrieval

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Eliminate paper timesheets by electronically entering your billable time

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