Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Create a Customer-Friendly
Option-Rich Call Campaign

Streamline Payments with a
Customizable and Secure Solution

A properly designed Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution allows customers to interface with your business 24/7 from any location. Customers can settle accounts and send payments, even when your office is closed outside of normal business hours, including weekends and holidays.

This round-the-clock access means fewer processing delays and delinquent bills. One of the greatest advantages of IVR systems is the efficiency and cost savings. By offering automated access and voice recognition options, companies don’t need to invest as many resources into call centers. Fewer offices, less equipment and reduced staffing allow you to control expenses without sacrificing customer support.

Our IVR offers everything you need to create a customer-friendly, option-rich and efficient call campaign. This includes voice messaging and payment processing to augment your current call system.

The IVR will be scripted around a custom data file that you supply via SFTP, FTP over VPN or API access to your system. This process gives us the ability to custom build an IVR that can not only accept payments but can provide additional information, as specified in your data file, dynamically to the payer.

Spectrum offers voice-only as well as payment transaction call handling options. When payment processing is required, our IVR solution processes transactions in real time via the Payment Processor/Gateway transaction API.

All transactions are stored and available for viewing/reporting via the Processor/Gateway interface and via our reports.

Payers can be offered the option to pay different amounts – past due, current or total balance; and these amounts can include or exclude future months. We can also offer the payer a detailed breakdown of billing information.

Further, per your request, payers can be offered “readbacks”, multiple data input or additional payment attempts, including changing payment types or amount.

Finally, the payer is provided an approval or decline result along with the Payment Processor /Gateway transaction ID provided and can choose to have an email/SMS confirmation and receipt sent as well.

During any part of the call, the payer can opt-out or choose to be transferred to a live representative for assistance in the language of their choosing. Transfer requests outside of office hours can be scripted and routed as desired to provide 24/7 support to your customers.

Integration With Existing Numbers

Customizable Call Prompts & Flow

Process Credit Cards And ACH

Use Your Voice Talent Or Ours

Multi-language Support Options

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Interactive Voice Response Benefits

Key advantages of partnering with our team on your next project

Improve Experience

Eliminate hold times and provide a smooth, user-friendly experience that’s option-rich and responsive

Increased Efficiency

Reduce opt-outs and decrease customer call abandon rates while also minimizing average call lengths.

Complete Flexibility

Securely deploy call campaigns and process payments to optimize your products and services

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