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As a hotel or restaurant in the hospitality industry, you deal with sensitive information both from clients and internal records.

From invoices to client purchase transactions, this data needs to be backed up in the event of a disaster or information breech that can damage your reputation.

How would your facility function if there were a disaster that wiped out major records from your hotel or restaurant? Protect your business and bottom line with a proven document management solution.

The hospitality industry faces a mountain of paper-based transactions and manual processes on a daily basis. This stems from both common and industry-specific paperwork they deal with to serve guests at their hotel or restaurant.

These companies typically have a large workforce, meaning that human resources and other related records need to be managed.

Adding in the paperwork related to food delivery and invoices from hundreds of vendors makes it a prime candidate for seeing real benefits when it comes to managing and storing records electronically.

The benefits of your company moving to a paperless process revolve around efficiency and cost reductions. There is too much time wasted on your employees hunting for misplaced documents in drawers, file cabinets or storage rooms.

That valuable time is costly for your company and should be applied to actually serve guests, not rooting through boxes.

Becoming efficient will quickly equate to lower costs of running and managing your hotel or restaurant since scanning all of your documents create a paperless work environment.

Employees will have better access to the documents they need to complete their work, all while accessing information in a secure manner to deliver superior customer service.

As a manager, this means getting more work done without the need to hire additional staff to handle daily workloads.

Powerful Cloud Backups

Eliminate Box Storage

Lower Overall Costs

Streamline Operations

Protect Key Information

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Central Repository

Establish a central document repository with secure access to electronic records

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Automate business processes and route documents for review & approval

Disaster Recovery

Provide complete document security and disaster recovery in the cloud

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