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A lack of organization within your healthcare record keeping can pose a legal threat if documents are lost, mishandled or accidentally destroyed. 

Do you have a backup plan in place in the event your healthcare documents are compromised?

Protecting patient information is not just important, it’s required within the healthcare industry. Don’t put your patient data at risk by not having a retention plan in place for essential records.

As a healthcare provider, you face common challenges within your industry focused on protecting medical records, locating information faster, and reducing administrative overhead. For over 20 years, Spectrum Information Services (SIS), a HIPAA compliant vendor, has been serving the healthcare industry with state-of-the-art technology and exceptional service.

Whether your business is a hospital, clinic, or small private practice, our professionals can help you evaluate your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) strategies and design a complete customized solution for your unique situation.

Spectrum helps healthcare providers accelerate billing and collections, simplify HIPAA compliance and improve efficiency & accountability throughout their organization.

Why Does Your Organization Need Document Management? For over twenty years, electronic document management systems have been used in healthcare. These systems have created hundreds of millions of images that often are not usable in newer EMR systems. Our imaging expertise allows us to convert many of these older image formats into newer standards required by most EMR vendors.

Our professionals will evaluate your requirements and offer solutions that fit into your overall HIM strategies, at the same time solving the challenges associated with capture, paper and digital record storage all healthcare providers encounter.

Converting paper-based medical records into images for upload into an electronic document management system is often a prelude to full EMR implementation.

We excel at record conversions and offers medical document management systems at competitive pricing to assist in budgeting for these crucial services.

Spectrum outputs into a myriad of EMR solutions. The delivery can be done through various methods such as FTP, DVD, portable hard drive and others. We can also provide an interim web-based solution while you get your EMR platform up and running.

Automated Patient Filing

Protect Patient Identity

Reduce HIPAA Compliance Costs

Archival Capture & Storage

Reduce Physical Storage

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Benefits of our Healthcare Data Services

Key advantages of partnering with our team on your next  project

Cost Reduction

Reduce many costs associated with HIPAA compliance with digital records storage and retention

Increased Efficiency

Streamline operations with workflow and an automated filing system created for incoming patient records

Revenue Growth

Handle claims processing more efficiently than ever before to increase collections and revenue

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