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Government agencies are constantly always asked to do more with fewer resources. How would your department face a major data breech or disaster that wiped out your physical records?

As a public entity, storing and protecting records is part of the job. In order to serve the public in the event of a disaster, you need a cloud-based electronic backup of your important files.

Many government agencies are overwhelmed by large volumes of documents and are constantly receiving paper documents that contain information requiring manual data entry.

Hand-keying in information manually is time-consuming and is an error-prone task. This exercise is extremely inefficient to government agencies both large and small.

With Spectrum’s government document solutions systems, documents become digitized therefore eliminates the redundancies and errors formerly encountered in the manual data entry process.

Also, digitizing important documents that need to be reviewed by multiple departments can be viewed by multiple parties simultaneously further reducing timelines and the need for making paper copies.

These electronic files help your public workers become more productive and eliminate redundancy that comes along with lost files. It helps ensure your processes are handled consistently and streamlines processing to help departments serve the public faster and smarter.

Our secure web repository ensures ease of access to information to assist in daily operations, customer service, best practices, and compliance.

An efficient workflow is the key to better productivity and lower costs within these governmental departments.

Spectrum Information Services provides government document management systems solutions for City, County, State, and Federal governments. Government agencies have strict budgetary guidelines and our solutions deliver on these needs with a short-term return on investment.

Control Annual Budgets

Increase Overall Efficiency

Cut Department Waste

Cloud Data Backups

Eliminate Storage Fees

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Increasing Productivity

Helps workers be more productive by eliminating redundancy and lost files to streamlines processes

Improve Control

Establishing a central document repository each department with secure access and audit trails

More Compliance

Assist with Open Marketing Act(s), Government Paperwork Elimination Act, and FOIA

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