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Mishandling student records can lead to more issues than just operational efficiency challenges. Personal data and identity theft are at risk when documents are mishandled.

If there was a data breech at your school, do you have a process in place to recover these documents?

Backing up these records is the key to restoring your facility in the event of a data emergency.

Educational institutions face a wide spectrum of challenges associated with managing large volumes of paper records. Spectrum Information Services helps eliminate these challenges by providing document management systems designed to secure and control records within the public and private school systems.

From K-12 districts and even higher education, these institutions are bottlenecked with the task of keeping and tracking their applications and student records for long retention periods. And, when these records are requested, having the right solution in place makes secure access readily available while adhering to government mandated privacy policies.

Why struggle with keeping student records in storage or rows of hard to find filing cabinets when we can set up an electronic documents management solution designed around secure access and efficiency.

This includes educational records, such as:

  • Student Transcripts
  • Health Records
  • Attendance Records
  • Disciplinary Records
  • Aptitude Records
  • Grades
  • Tuition Records
  • Enrollment files
  • Personnel Files

Most schools have limited resources when it comes to manpower and staff, which is why a document management solutions can deliver so many benefits over manual document storage.

Spectrum Information can help with your educational document management by first transforming all your paper student records and transcripts into electronic files.

Once these documents have been converted into digital format, our team of highly trained expert use leading technology to accurately perform data entry on these files. High-quality images and the associated data can then be imported into your document management solution at a pace that fits within your specific project, timeline and needs.

This gives your school staff efficient search capabilities to crucial information all while spending less effort searching through volumes of paper documents and more time on delivering services.

Access Records Quickly

Adhere To Retention

Less Manual Work

Automate Data Entry

Eliminate Box Storage

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Benefits of our Document Management Solutions

Key advantages of partnering with our team on your next  project

Cost Reduction

Student records can be easily accessed which creates a more streamlined process

Increased Efficiency

Spend more time on essential tasks instead of hunting for paper records in storage

More Security

Protect private student records with secure access and built-in audit trail features

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