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Managing physical records can be a massive burden on both your resources and office space. When it comes to converting these files into digital format, Spectrum Information Services has both the technology and experience to deliver the speed and accuracy you’ve been looking for.

Whether you need microfilm, paper or microfiche converted into an electronic format, our team can assist you with any size project. With a secure facility specifically designed around creating an efficient document conversion workflow, we’re positioned to handle a wide range of sizes including standard 8 ½ x 11, legal size, books, and large formats including engineering and blue prints. Our facility also allows us to work with all volumes of records our clients need help with.

What’s the first step? Planning your conversion project starts with a discussion about your specific requirements. This includes gathering details and documenting everything from document preparation before scanning to what specific data index fields you would like us to capture.





Data Entry

Cloud Access

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Since we have experience with so many document management systems, we can convert your data into the import format you need to migrate the digital content into your backend system.

Why struggle with scanning your own records, purchasing expensive equipment and draining employees time when we have an entire production facility that’s ready to convert your documents for you.

If you’ve recently decided to begin your digital transformation journey, you likely have years of documents that need to be converted from paper into an electronic format. This is where our experience and state-of-the-art conversion facility can help.

We can put both a plan and schedule together that gets your document conversion process on track. Document scanning is just one piece of the overall digital transformation process we provide and is a single component to the overall business efficiency solutions we offer clients that are looking to improve their bottom line.

No matter if it’s saving time or simply getting more done without needing to hire additional staff, we’re ready to assist you in your next step toward business optimization.

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Benefits of our Document Scanning Services

Key advantages of partnering with our team on your next scanning project

File Preparation

After pickup, we prepare your physical documents for scanning by repairing tears and removing staples, paper clips and anything else that hinders the process

Image Quality

Utilizing advanced hardware and software technologies, we scan your files and perform image cleanup to produce the cleanest image possible

Data Capture

Using a variety of manual & automated methods, we perform accurate data entry in order to deliver the information you need for your business process

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