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Document Management

shutterstock_69976288-300x199We convert data, documents and images from one format or medium to another. Paper files, microfilm and microfiche can be digitized to create image files. These files will be compatible with all platforms. We also output files to paper, film or whatever the specific requirements of the application are. These services can be provided at Spectrum’s document capture centers or at customer sites, regardless of the project size and scope of work.

We provide our customers with access to their documents throughout the imaging process. Spectrum will provide experienced engineers, programmers and technicians to set up the proper networks, software and protocols to implement a cost-effective operation. Our experienced project teams contain all the necessary knowledge and equipment for on-site conversions by bringing the team to your location and performing document preparation, scanning, indexing, committal procedures, and providing ongoing project management and training for your personnel.

Custom tailored solutions can be designed, engineered, and built using the latest tools and industry standards. Spectrum offers a full range of imaging, indexing and retrieval packages that accommodate any application that your company may need. Our goal is to provide your company access to open architectural software that is proven in its respective industry and partner with developers that have non-proprietary software.

Curtis P. Pilon, President, CEO, Spectrum Information Services, Irvine, CA

Curtis Pilon , President and CEO Spectrum Informaiton Services

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