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Trapped Within Your Files

Often times, business processes are slowed down dramatically when the right data is not easily available. This can frustrate both your customers and your internal departments.

When it comes to document management initiatives, the data entry step, also commonly known as “indexing”, seems like a common hurdle that prevents organizations from moving forward as fast as they would like.

This challenge can be resolved with our data capture services, which focuses on accuracy and speed in order to get your project moving in the right direction. We offer a range of technologies, quality control checks and verification procedures to ensure you get the right data at the right time.

By identifying the exact data you need from your physical or digital records, we can utilize a range of data capture processes that extract the content you need for import into your existing backend or accounting solution.

Rather than rely simply on human operators, we have an array of options that can use the power of optical character recognition and database validation to increase the accuracy and speed of capture.

If you have a document management project on the schedule and would like to discuss our data capture services, please give us a call.

With a wide spectrum of clients and projects we’ve worked with over the years, our team can share real-world examples and best practices related to your specific project.

Let us help you identify the essential data you need to extract from your documents and how best to migrate that data into your existing systems.

Don’t let manual data entry or inefficient processes slow down your digital transformation journey. Our team can help streamline this process with the turnaround time your organization needs to get on track.


Single & Double Key Entry


Optical Character Recognition


Optical Mark Recognition

Match and Merge Features

Automatic Data Indexing

Don’t Let Data Capture
Bottleneck Your Business Processes

When you need to process business transactions, having access to the information you need is essential. Our team can work with you to identify the data from both physical and digital files.

Using our advanced data capture technology, we can intelligently extract and verify this information quickly. Plus, with our experience in data migration, we can also securely transfer this data into your document management or line of business application.

Why let information overload slow down your business when you have the opportunity to partner with a team that can remove all your data capture bottlenecks. With a wide range of data capture options on our side, not only can we obtain the date you’re looking for, but we can validate it against a database and even perform multiple verifications to ensure you get the information you need in the correct format.

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Benefits of our Data Capture Services

Key advantages of partnering with our team on your next  project

Higher Speed

We can capture the data you need at scale using a range of advanced technologies built for streamlining the capture process

Increased Accuracy

Our process provides a higher accuracy of data collection by validating your information against a database or multiple operators

Cost Savings

Why struggle with tasking your employees to enter information when we can lower the workload using technology

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