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Not only is the financial industry heavily regulated, these institutions are tasked with safeguarding customer financial records. This is key to protecting your organization against litigation while also preventing identity theft amongst your clients.

If your financial institution was affected by a disaster, do you have a plan to restore these files? It makes sense to protect your clients’ financial records with an electronic system and cloud based backups.

Banking and financial institutions are heavily paper-based and have been so since their inception. With a focus on security and record keeping, it creates a challenge when it comes to managing records while still keeping in compliance with industry mandates.

Spectrum Information knows the banking and financial industry well and is aware of the bottlenecks that can form when departments need access to records using traditional paper-based solutions.

Our customer base includes financial institutions and mortgage companies wanting to streamline their business processes by installing document management systems.

This includes both the conversion process of turning paper into digital files, through securely storing these electronic records to provide instant access when needed.

Other related financial markets have also taken advantage of these systems, such as title insurance, escrow companies, homeowners insurance, and other property related insurance policy carriers.

Besides the actual storage and retrieval costs of physical records, there are all sorts of related costs that can be drastically reduced.

This includes the cost of maintenance for your copiers and printer, spending on bulky filing cabinets, folders, dividers, file fasters, and toner is also a large expense within your institution.

These expenses can add up quickly to an astounding number that could be eliminated by utilizing Spectrum’s financial document management systems.

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Reduce Costs

Reduction storage costs associated with storing and printing physical paper copies

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Apply retention rules to documents to save on data storage and comply with industry regulations

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Provide online access of information to branch offices, remote workers, and partners

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