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5 Reasons to have a Paperless Office


Spectrum Information Systems has proudly supported the environment and recycling efforts for over 20 years.

Go Green – Go Paperless

The future is now. There are many reasons we should strive to achieve that coveted paperless office! These are just a few: 

1) Better security In a paperless office, documents are password protected and only available to authorized personnel. Systems, files and even a single document can all be password protected and that information will be available only to those who are granted access. Think of it as a virtual locking file cabinet with sealed envelopes.

2) Improved Efficiency: Once documents are scanned and indexed, they are stored as electronic images and are easily accessible from any authorized PC, tablet or smart phone on the network. Personnel will no longer be forced to search for specific files as they will be readily available at the click of a button. Digital files can also facilitate distribution of documents using the proper software and security passwords.

3) Reduced Costs: When documents are stored electronically, you can eliminate the need for paper filing and reduce the cost of creating file folders and labels now that the documents are stored in the cloud. Imaging also eliminates the need for bulky file cabinets and storage boxes which in turn minimizes the necessity of excess storage space.

4) Disaster Recovery: While paper documents are subject to theft, loss and natural disasters, electronic documents are stored safely in the cloud and easily recoverable regardless of the circumstances.

 5) Image Enhancement: Using state-of-the-art technology such as VRS, images are enhanced or “cleaned up” with no additional blackout created. Images are easier to read and stored safely in the cloud. 

…and while it may be further removed from your bottom line, let’s not forget the global benefits of scanning and recycling, thereby creating a paperless office; it can also aid in saving the environment!

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