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If you’re reluctant to begin the process of streamlining your business process merely because you’re worried about the whereabouts of your documents, then kiss your worries goodbye.

Throughout the scanning process, Spectrum Information Services provides your company with a secure chain of custody and record of all documentation stored on-site and off-site.

Easy Document Archival and retrieval

How does it do this? By utilizing Trakstar, a proven box and file tracking platform that helps store and retrieve boxes in a more efficient manner. To ensure quick and easy retrieval for all of our clients, Trakstar is implemented and utilized at all of our regional production centers.

Spectrum Information Services can also use Trakstar to perform a box remediation for your existing inventory to help your company get a grasp of what it really has in storage at both on-site and off-site facilities.




Trakstar Benefits:

  • Improves productivity
  • Manages reports- on demand reporting of production statistics by customer, job, item and employee
  • Improves accountability- shows where an item is, what is being done to it, and who is doing it
  • Streamlines operations- data entry errors are reduced using machine readable item labels
  • Increases scanning efficiency- bar-codes are created to auto index at time of scan
  • Customizable- can be customized to fit into any company’s internal box storage to help organize internal storage facilities

Give us a call to see how we can assist you in all your document archival and storage needs.

Curtis P. Pilon


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