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Tips on Integrating Document Scanning Services in Health Care Centers

The concept of electronic medical records (EMR) promise efficiency for both patients and health care providers alike. On the one hand, it allows for fast delivery of care services without the patient being held down by paperwork and finance issues, while on the other hand, it allows clinics and hospitals to maintain a more streamlined system from creating medical records to working with insurance companies. As you implement the EMR system in your practice, you should find yourself needing reliable document scanning services for areas like the following:

Paper Charts

Patient Charts

You might want to have all your patient charts scanned, especially if you don’t exactly have enough physical space to store them in – but know that this might take a lot more man-hours before it can be accomplished. Instead of scanning everything all at once, opt to scan only those which will be needed soon, possibly by a patient who has already called in for an appointment.

Who can Scan

Initially, you can hire low-level employees for the actual task of scanning the paper documents and placing them onto the electronic database, but don’t expect them to do all the legwork! It should still take a more skilled or trained employee to sort and organize something before storing them into files.

Don’t Scan Everything

Peter J. Polack, MD shares in KevinMD.com that you don’t have to scan every record in your EMR system:

“Start seeing all patients in the EMR system going forward and have the paper record pulled and available to the physicians for as many visits as they are comfortable with. […] At some point, the doctors will no longer need to consult the paper chart and the umbilical cord can be cut. There may be exceptions to the no-scanning rule, such as important documents, labs, or imaging, and that’s okay. The goal is to minimize the amount of work spent on scanning information that is unlikely to be seen anyway.”

Hire an Outside Firm

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to do all the work on your own, because many trustworthy document scanning companies

like Spectrum Information Services (SIS) specialize in dealing with EMR services as well. Hiring an outside company allows you to dispense with having to sacrifice much time and resources in transitioning from paper to electronic records.

If all goes well, health care providers adopting the EMR system should be able to significantly improve the efficiency of their service as well as their response time. This way, hospitals won’t have to worry too much about separating the life-saving part of their existence from the business and management part.

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