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Out with the Old, in with the New

“Out with the old, in with the new.”

tablets in doctor officesIn the world of document management, this couldn’t be truer. Technological advances are a common occurrence in a successful business environment. History shows that businesses who keep up with the up and coming trends tend to survive far longer than those who resist the changing market. Today the change is clear- paper is out, automation is in. Think about it… how often do you go out and see tablets being used in the workplace? I’d venture to say it’s becoming more of a daily occurrence. From doctor’s offices to restaurants, every business is taking advantage of the tablet’s efficiency.

The constant improvements being made to tablets are now making them a staple in the workplace. Their functionality and portability is proving that a paper process is no match against the efficiency of an automated process. With a tablet your whole database is right at your fingertips- no employees searching and no customers waiting. I mean, let’s face it- paper documents are always misfiled or lost, but you would be hard pressed to lose your tablet.

Lastly, we’re in the midst of the digital age! Emphasis on digital. Showing up to an important business meeting or trade show with a paper and pen now carries the possibility of making your company look outdated and unprepared. Laptops, while still better than paper, are another option; however, they tend to be bulky as well as heavy. A tablet, on the other hand is light and compact in addition to being able to hold the same amount of information. Being technologically advanced gives your business an outward appearance of being just that- advanced.


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