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SPECTRUM SOLUTIONS for Healthcare Industries.

Spectrum Information Services provides document management solutions whether you are a hospital or medical practice. Scanning and imaging patient charts into electronic document form will soon become mandatory if you are to survive the environment created by HIPAA compliance and an increasingly litigious medical society. The ability to efficiently store patient records and then quickly retrieve them is a “must” for today’s physician trying to balance quality patient care with the economic realities of business.

Accurately matching properly submitted insurance claims, including Medicare and Medical forms, with patient accounts receivable records is critical to maximizing your realized revenue. Having insurance claims in electronic document format and under the control of a document management system will take your medical practice or hospital a long way toward modern “best of breed” business practices and profitability.

Health Information Management Services:

  • Chart Prep
  • Scanning and Validation
  • DNFB and revenue cycle Management
  • Coding
  • Coding Audits
  • Health Records and Claims Processing
  • Request and Release of Information
  • Collections
  • Disaster Recovery of Capture Department

Benefits Include:

  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity – Patient files are safely and securely archived
  • No capital investment — Total Document System (TDS) hardware, software, archive and retrieval are all included for the low monthly fee
  • Digital Patient File – Automated filing system creation for incoming patient records
  • Eliminates long-term storage costs – all patient files are conveniently stored digitally and accessible with proper security anytime, anywhere
  • Records Available from the desktop – Patient records are available from any desktop or tablet utilizing standard web browser
  • HFCA 1500, CMS 1500, UB92 and UB04 processing to create ANSI 837 fi les
  • Reduce the costs of HIPPA compliance with digital records storage and comprehensive security – prepares your office for mandatory EMR
  • Multitude of Media offerings available – FTP to WEB, DVD or portable hard drive
  • Fast, Easy and Inexpensive – Digital documents are available to authorized users immediately with little to no training required