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SPECTRUM SOLUTIONS for Financial Industries

Spectrum Information Services is an electronic document imaging and scanning service bureau that off ers turn-key document management solutions to Banks, Trusts, Real Estate and Finance Companies across the United States.

Our customer base includes financial institutions with mortgage and loan departments wanting to streamline their business processes by installing document management systems. Additionally, we serve the title Insurance industry, escrow companies, and insurance industry. The accounting departments of many financial fi rms utilize SIS to electronically store all of their accounts payable and financial records.

Some key applications are as follows:

  • Electronic document storage for mortgage companies
  • Document scanning and imaging for title Insurance
  • Electronic document management systems for escrow companies
  • Electronic records keeping for the Insurance industry
  • Accounts payable document storage and destruction
  • Document management process improvement

A typical loan file can be more than 200 pages long, making it very costly for your organization to print, copy, and store the required file – not including the cost of the paper itself. By scanning incoming and outgoing documents, you can reduce or eliminate these expenses as well as many other costs.

Have you considered the cost of maintenance your copiers and printers require? Have you thought about how much you spend on bulky fi ling cabinets, folders, dividers, file fasteners, and toner? These expenses can quickly add up to an astounding number that could be eliminated by scanning all your documents.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Reduction of paper, copy and storage costs
  • Establish a central repository with access security privileges assigned
  • Apply retention rules to documents to save on data storage and comply with regulations
  • Facilitate collaboration from remote sites by providing online access to information and resources
  • Automate business processes and route documents and files for further action
  • Provide complete document security and disaster recovery
  • Improve compliance with federal regulations in document storage and retrieval
  • Provide online access of information and resources to branch offi ces, remote workers, and partners