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Secure Document Storage through Reliable Document Management Systems

Companies take every step necessary to feel that the important and confidential documents they keep are safe. On the other hand, companies also believe easy access to information is key to efficiency, not to mention, a benefit that lures clients to their site. Trying to balance security and accessibility is one of the main challenges many companies face as they upgrade their information management systems.

Dropbox Disables

Businesses have responded to these needs in different ways. Some firms have opted to use file-sharing sites, which are free and easy-to-use. While easy to navigate, be careful of what you share in these free sites. Peter Sayer, in his article for IT World, reports of a recently discovered a leak on a popular free site:

“Before the change, anyone in possession of a Dropbox shared document link could access the file it pointed to, but the documents were inaccessible to those without the link, a form of security through obscurity. That poses no problems when users know who has the link, but there are a number of unexpected ways that information can fall into other hands, prompting Dropbox to disable links shared before May 5.”

This lapse highlights the need for companies to have dedicated secure document storage services that would tightly protect their files. Any business that require the absolute safety and security of its documents should find it a worthy investment to obtain its own private web server to ensure, among other things, the protection and limited access to files by personnel.

Expert document storage companies like Spectrum Information Services can help a company initiate the move towards becoming a paperless office. A digital environment helps the larger environment, while reinforcing the company’s security systems over private data and files. Imagine the trees saved from not using paperwork for an entire year.

Going digital with company documents means easy access to (permitted) files from anywhere. All an employee or a client needs to do is to log-in to the secure portal and search for the information. Digital document management also secures files from man-made accidents and natural disasters. If a fire breaks out or a disaster strikes, the company is assured that its important data and information are replicated and stored safely elsewhere.

A business cannot function when its private information is compromised. Business owners should seriously consider professional document management and storage services for their own peace of mind—and the continuing integrity and survival of their company.

(Source: Dropbox disables old shared document links to prevent unintended access, IT World, May, 27, 2014)