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Scanning Services

Spectrum Information scanning srvicesSpectrum Information Services (SIS) is a national organization providing scanning services to both large corporations and small companies, either on-site or at one of our many regional production centers.

When documents are stored electronically, you can rest assured that they are secured in “the cloud” under the finest digital lock and key. Systems, files, everything down to a single document can all be password protected to ensure that all compliancy regulations are met. To gain admission to these documents, individuals must be authorized with the proper security access; however, once authorized the employees can easily fax, print or email the documents from their PC, tablet or smartphone.

Benefits of Scanning:

  • Digitally transferred documents can significantly reduce shipping costs
  • Imaging eliminates the need for file cabinets and storage boxes, allowing for expansion or containing costs with smaller square footage requirements
  • End users can perform global text searches for specific words or phrases within a specific document or file. The query will launch every page on your screen with the targeted word or phrase highlighted for your review
  • Our scanners have image enhancement technology to provide crisper images and eliminates the need for rescans
  • All images are non-propietory and can easily be migrated from one platform to another

We look forward to serving you.

Curtis P. Pilon

curtis p pilon

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