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Scanning and Educational Facilities

a-school-letter-gradeSpectrum Information Services makes the grade with automation of student and school records filing process- key for successful educational facilities.

Student and school records are scanned to create superior quality images for import into a number of different imaging platforms. Paper, microfilm and microfiche and virtually any other document type can be scanned to create images to generate electronic files. Accurate data capture frees up valuable office space and provides precise disaster recovery for your important records. Cost and time savings can be realized when data management techniques are utilized early in the student and school records filing process.

Efficient and secure scanning of student and school records allows administrators to focus on higher level priorities. Record types that can be scanned include: transcripts, health, attendance, aptitude, grades, achievement, disciplinary records as well as other supplemental records, enrollment papers, working notes of staff and personnel files.

Rapid conversion and cost effective web hosting is performed at one of our SAS 70 Type II and SSAE certified production centers without having to incur on-site capital expenditures. Controls and procedures are vital for success and our staff is fully trained on FERPA compliance.

Curtis P. Pilon, President, Spectrum Information Services

curtis p pilon


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