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Document Scanning Services Mean More Convenience and Less Paper

Have you ever looked around your office and wondered what you could do with the space that’s occupied by the firm’s paper files? More elbow room for you and your colleagues wouldn’t hurt. If you’re still living in the dark ages of technology, it’s time that you discovered the magic of document scanning services. Andy Morley writes about how freed-up space does wonders for office morale, and how it saves the forests.
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Document Management Services Save Time, Money and the Environment

Document management is an important part of any business. As long as there are documents around, organizations will utilize all the ways to effectively manage them. There are many companies that provide high-tech document management services that make it easier to store documents.

In many industries, using paper files has become inefficient. The document management process has become digitized, making all documents immediately accessible to staff who wish to view them. Electronic document management removes the headache and constant worrying about important files getting lost or misfiled, as the digital files are placed on a secure server where viewing access can be limited to a handful of staff. Read more +

How Document Scanning Services Can Help Make Your Office Paperless

If your business handles documents and other paperwork, chances are your office is cluttered with boxes and drawers full of paper that you’ll probably need at some point in the future. If you can’t afford to dispose of the documents, having document scanning services render most of those pages into digital files is a viable option. Chad Brooks elaborated on the concept of a paperless office in an article for Business News Daily: Read more +

Print2Life: The Future of Print

With technology now driving many aspects of our daily lives, it comes as no surprise that traditional or “static” print ads are quickly becoming enhanced with multi-media.

As we’ve mentioned before, augmented reality is a virtual view of the real world enhanced by computer generated sensory input. In other words, augmented reality is a form of interactive print that digitally enhances traditional print ads by giving viewers the power to bring it to life. The new print2life technology allows users to simply tap, scan and watch the magic unfold.

So, why is print2life the ultimate addition to your print media campaigns?

Interactive PrintPrint2life offers your company unique business values that most basic print ads lack, such as:

  • differentiating yourself from the competition
  • revolutionizing your print campaigns
  • increasing brand awareness
  • driving revenue with call to action buttons
  • increasing response rates

Essentially, it gives your customers the “wow” factor that will interest them in viewing your printed campaign, and perhaps even share it with their friends. Which brings us to the entertainment value behind adding muti-media to your print campaigns. Print2life is a new technology that will captivate your audience’s imagination and entertain the masses. Once one person sees how amazing and innovative a print2life ad is, they are bound so show their friends and increase awareness via word of mouth. Essentially, adding interactive multi-media to basic print ads will also help to create new interest by expanding your campaign’s total outreach.

Lastly, a huge benefit of print2life is its ability to track the successes of your campaigns in the following ways.

  • Total page views Total number of times that your pages have been viewed
  • Total interactions Total number of interactions by a user on all of your call to action buttons, videos, and click throughs in your campaign
  • Total users Total number of unique users who have viewed at least one page in your campaign

What is augmented reality

Print2Life interactive print

Spectrum Information, in partnership with PBI/Print2Life, now provides new technology called augmented reality.  This fascinating scanning technology recently emerged on the scene and is finding its way to U.S. popularity with the increased usage of smart phones and tablets, as well as society’s hunger for more interesting engagement and a fast info fix, especially for Gen Y’s, who’ve really only known the digital age.  It work simiarly, but is a worthy and much more aesthetic replacement for its clunky predecessor, the QR code.  It’s spreading fast especially due to its innate, viral components; simply put its fun to show and share!

Augmented reality also known as Interactive print, or clickable print; it enhances any registered print image by overlaying and instantly launching a 3D mini-movie, any video and/or call-to-action hot buttons via your smart phone.  Scanning any registered image using the app automatically launches a variety of assigned features, information or additional links.  The Print2Life application also recognizes traditional QR codes. It is free to download for Apple or Android operating systems.

Download the app and view a bit more about the capabilities of augmented reality print on our Print2Life introductory page, and try it yourself on our Print2Life examples page.

Spectrum and our Print2Life resellers/associates look forward  to working with you to create memorable, trackable ad campaigns, talking business cards and more. Contact us today.

Print2Life app partners with Spectrum Information Services for its United States launchHow to use Print2Life app