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Print2Life Examples

We hope you enjoy these Print2Life examples and additional information.  Under normal circumstances you would be using the app to enhance or augment your print experience, but for example’s sake, it works in full digital as well, the image judt needs to be registered with Print2Life.  So if you haven’t done so already, please DOWNLOAD THE APP  …then open it and tap your smart phone screen with Print2Life:

1) cover image in the viewer and watch the spokesmodel come to life

2) the talking real estate postcard for a guided tour by the Realtor !

Print2life is paving the way for the future of print.

SCAN this with your Print2Life Smart phone app for a visual effect also acheived via print scans

SCAN this with your Print2Life Smart phone app for the same visual effect typically achieved via print scans

Download the entire interactive P2L magazine.

Enjoy more Print2Life examples on a printed version or via the screen

P2L talking postcard real estate virtual tours via postcard

Talking real estate postcard shows an entire agent-guided virtual tour

Download the introductory flier.

Learn more on the benefits of having your own campaign!

View Print2Life in action!

Watch our new video and see how Print2Life bridges the gap between print and video. See how it can enhance your life! 

If you are anything like we were when introduced to this fascinating new technology your mind is racing with ideas on how you, too, to can implement Print2Life in your advertising and marketing campaigns and really differentiate yourself from standard print ads and mundane mailers.  Maybe your collateral launches powerful video testimonials, maybe its virtual tour with a SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT call-to-action or introduction to a product with a BUY NOW button.   Maybe you love the idea of your talking business card also displaying an ADD TO CONTACTS button. The possibilities are endless and we are here to help.  We coordinate the entire process from the initial order to assistance with script writing, marketing consults, video resources and DIY solutions, as well as graphic design, printing and mailing services.

Beat your competition – Engage your prospects – Get going today!

Contact Spectrum Information Services or one of our contracted resellers.



 *Print2Life is registered trademark. 

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