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NEW! Print2Life

Print2Life talking magazine open HEADER Spectrum Information Reseller

Spectrum Information is proud to announce its recent
partnership with PBI and the new scanning technology:


With the massive explosion of the digital age, the internet and smart phones many marketers believe that printing, mailing services and print advertising to soon be obsolete.  Let’s dispel that myth straight away.  While consumers enjoy engaging videos and multimedia, studies also show that many of us still really enjoy the tactile experience of flipping through a magazine, dog-earring a page, reading a newspaper, or receiving a brochure regarding a product of interest.  This new Print2Life application offers the best of both worlds, delivering an entirely new experience by integrating technology with traditional print to create what’s termed augmented reality, a.k.a. interactive print.  Similar call-to-action features are also referred to as ‘clickable print’ or buttons embedded on video might be referred to as ‘hot spots’.

With so many distractions it’s becoming much harder to grab the attention of potential customers who live on their smart phones and tablets. However, by integrating computer-generated QR codes into basic print ads, we are able to bring those ads to life.  Unlike the bulky black QR codes, the Print2Life embeds the code directly onto the printed advertisement so that the ad maintains visual appeal to its target audience. These ads are far more likely to pique a customer’s interest given they are now able to interact with the ad and further engage with integrated bonus features.

Now with Print2Life’s FREE smart phone app and its many convenience features a consumer can enjoy print materials more, easily share with friends, get pricing or more information, save videos for later, set appointments, save business card info to directly to phone contacts and much, much more.

As an advertiser you are delivering much richer experience, information and easily executable options. Print2Life also gives you the ability to track how successful your print campaign has been, so you can plan and forecast accordingly. This is a valuable feature not available via print until this merger of print and technology.  PLEASE ASK FOR SUCCESSFUL CASE STUDIES.

While it was once thought technology would be the death of print, to the contrary, the Print2Life app has so seamlessly bridged the gap, this is what we’d call a very happy marriage!

Download the free Print2Life scanning app and let the fun begin!

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.layar.print2life&hl=enget print2life app at eh app store


 Easy as 1,2,3  – HERE’S HOW IT WORKS!

Print2Life app easy as 123


Call Spectrum Information to get your own living, breathing campaign started! 


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