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Leaves & Dollar Bills: Goals Document Management Services Help Achieve

Businesses are now expected to turn to technology to help sustain a greener environment. Accounting firms, for example, are being encouraged to utilize electronic document management services. Not only do electronic systems help lessen a company’s carbon footprint, they improve business profitability as well. As Matt Peterson, a contributor for CPA Practice Advisor, writes:

Electronic Document

“Effective data management is one of the biggest challenges accounting firms face. Implementing an Electronic Document Management (EDM) system allows companies to reduce costs, improve service, increase productivity, and meet regulatory requirements. Accounting firms who stay with a paper record and filing system are creating a logistical nightmare for themselves, especially during the busy tax season.

The implementation of EDM has become more affordable to accounting firms in recent years, largely due to cloud-based solutions that provide 24/7 access to company files and records. EDM can lower overhead costs 30% to 40%, and drive profitability and growth.”

Compared to businesses in the oil and gas industries, corporate firms do not considerably damage the ozone layer. However, the amount of energy they consume to power daily operations still contributes to carbon emmisions. Businesses are bounded by regulatory commisions to comply with a quota as to how many tonnes of carbon they can emit.

Methods to offset carbon emissions include tree planting and forestation, and utilizing renewable energy. Business can also implement sustainable processes, which include environment-friendly document management. As Peterson says, “A well-designed paperless system… can lower several costs including paper and toner expenses, document storage space and even positively influence carbon credit.”

Adherence to requirements allows businesses to operate smoothly, as businesses can allocate money that would otherwise be used to pay penalties and control damage to pursuing transactions. Firms can also benefit from winning clients wanting to associate themselves with a reputable and sustainable company.

As can be seen, “green” goals are not limited to contributions to nature; “green” may also mean more money for a business. Consulting document management companies like Spectrum Information Services, founded by Curtis Pilon, can enable businesses to start reaching both goals. With detailed methodologies and professional support, leaves and dollar bills will be gained aplenty.

(Source: How To Improve Productivity With Electronic Document Management, CPA Practice Advisor, February 11, 2014)