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Get a Secure Document Storage Service to Protect Your Bottom Line

Gone are the days when businesses have to set aside a room or two for storing huge volumes of documents. Digital technology has revolutionized documentation, storage, and data sharing in offices. If you own a business and you want to improve the efficiency of your transactions and therefore protect your bottom line, it’s high time to transition from paper to digital documentation.

top 5 reasons to take your office paperless in 2014

In a recent article posted in HuffingtonPost.com, writer Matt Peterson provided five key reasons why paperless documentation is the new name of the game in virtually any industry. The article highlights improving space efficiency and storage security as among the many benefits of digitization. With cloud computing technology backing the trend, saved documents can be accessed by authorized individuals anywhere around the globe.

“No longer is business conducted between the hours of 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. How often have you been working from home, an airport, or even on vacation and wished you had access to files that would assist you in preparing for that important conference call, completing a report, sales proposal, or a reference point in a meeting?


By scanning every document that comes into an office from invoices to contracts, you are creating a digital copy that not only takes up less space in your office but also puts it into a PDF format that can then be emailed and shared with customers, vendors, employees, etc. For documents that contain confidential information such as account numbers, social security numbers, birthdates, or any information that could contribute to identity theft there is a more secure way than email.”

Many business owners might be reluctant to launch a digital storage system. After all, it could take hours and hours of employee time just sorting through the tons of paperwork a company may have accumulated over the years. Add to this the man-hours needed to scan the needed files and save the images on secure digital locations.

However, with the growing industry for document storage service, business owners and managers can entrust the job to professionals instead of running the system by themselves. Reputable document storage services

even offer user-friendly software which can help the transition to digital go faster, and minimize inefficiencies when a digitization system is already in place.

A web-based database may also be securely launched to allow for greater accessibility, in contrast to traditional digital storage systems that make use of in-house servers. Not only can a secure document storage system help trim down operational and storage costs, it also helps increase productivity. Companies like Spectrum Information Services offer comprehensive services that can make the transition to a paperless office as painless as possible.

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