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EMR Platforms: Revolutionizing the Healthcare and Medical Industries

The professionals who run hospitals and medical facilities have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. Aside from watching over the health of their patients, they have the unenviable task of filing the latter’s records in an organized and secure manner. Thankfully, there are highly useful EMR platforms that make their job easier. According to PMLiVe.com:

Medical Records

The fruits of the American Relief and Recovery Act of 2009 are now beginning to bear, helping the huge but fragmented healthcare market of the US catch up to the likes of South Korea and Turkey, which have national electronic medical records managed via a central office. GlobalData analyst Adam Dion commented on the impact of the American Relief and Recovery Act of 2009.

He said: “Physicians are selecting and implementing EMRs that meet federal requirements for meaningful use, and which also fit their practices and provide opportunities to enhance productivity, capture profits, and improve clinical outcomes.”

EMR use is expected to grow further in the next few years, which doesn’t come as a big surprise for people from the medical industry, because of the undeniable benefits of the electronic record systems. With the impending growth at hand, healthcare is being revolutionized for the better.

Back in the day, manually storing patients’ records and retrieving them after some time could become tedious as well as difficult. With the advent of electronic document management solutions, storing and searching for information can now be done faster and with few or no errors. Doctors can now easily share patient records and documents with just a few clicks on the computer, saving everyone valuable time.

Furthermore, they can also share their patients’ lab results with other attending doctors. Pharmacists can also get prescriptions electronically, again making things faster and more efficient. Moreover, when it comes to practicality, EMR technologies eliminate long-term storage costs for files, which are all secured.

At the end of the day, how well medical staff work with EMR systems boils down to the providers they choose. Reputable companies like Spectrum Information Services can be trusted to provide efficient data and document solutions, including reliable printing and mailing services.

(Source: “Electronic medical records industry to soar,” PMLiVe.com, February 11, 2014)