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Document Management Services and other Tips for a Paperless Workplace

If you consult a reliable document management and storage company to provide you with efficient document management services, you will find that among the many measures its team of professionals would recommend, digitizing and automating the workplace is top priority. This is because many conventional office processes and norms are now considered ‘unhealthy’ for the environment. Excessive use of paper documents, for instance, unnecessarily wastes paper. If you want to get your office in on the green movement, here are some tips to reduce your paper consumption:

Paper Waste

Maximize Documents

As much as possible, leave very little space on your documents – if there are large records that could be reduced to a few pages by reducing fonts and spacing or printing on the back of the paper, do so. You should also minimize the number of duplicate copies of a single document. For example, you might opt to print one copy of a memo for the CEO and simply email it to the rest of the people concerned.

Scan and Shred

Check your records and take note of every single document that could be transferred to digital copies without you incurring any legal or practical consequence. Scan these documents and keep them in digital storage – you should also shred them afterwards, particularly those sensitive records that you don’t want leaking out to the public. This our specialty; you can trust Spectrum Information Services to handle your scanning project with the utmost care and security.

Transition to Digital

Sally Kane, an attorney and writer for About.com mentions in an article that you should also seek to transfer your business processes and records onto the digital realm:

  • Use the revision features in word processing software to edit documents on screen instead of printing drafts and making hand-written comments.
  • Use overhead projectors, white boards and presentation software instead of paper handouts.
  • Share firm newsletters and other information electronically instead of mailing paper copies.
  • Order supplies by e-mail.
  • File documents electronically within your firm, and with the courts and other agencies.


Of course, ultimately, a completely paperless office is a little more than a dream, even in this digital age. What all these tips advocate however is not to eliminate paper but rather to maximize its reduced use. One good way to do this is to start a recycling program in the workplace. For instance, choose to use recycled paper or post-its instead of buying brand new full-size paper sheets.

Getting a document management service from firms like Spectrum Information Services, headed by their president, Curtis Pilon, is the first step towards achieving a greener, more environmentally-conscious workplace. Moreover, you should keep in mind that any green project you choose to implement will only work if the entirety of your team is behind you on your goals.

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