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Secure Document Destruction

shredded-paper-documents-600x400 freeA secure document shredding program is an effective way to meet the compliance requirements of privacy and information disposal laws at both the federal and state levels; however, developing a compliant, defensible information destruction program can present many challenges.

To overcome those challenges, SIS has pioneered a program with a focused approach to the proper disposal and secure shredding of the sensitive paper-based documents. We are a leading provider of document management programs for the secure, compliant, cost-effective and environmentally responsible document destruction and elimination and/or secure storage of sensitive information. Additionally, to limit liability and potential litigation for Spectrum Information Services‘ clients, a certificate of destruction is issued for all documents destroyed through SIS.

Off-site Shredding:

Off-site secure shredding is an ideal solution for your organization if you require ongoing, verified destruction of sensitive paper documents. With off-site shredding, SIS and our certified partners will place locked containers at strategic points in each of your locations. Your employees will then deposit sensitive information into those containers as part of their normal business activity for subsequent document destruction. The SIS team will pick up the secure shredding containers on a regular schedule that meets your needs. We then transport the materials to one of our secure facilities and shred them safely, securely and reliably in an eco-friendly manner.

On-site Shredding:

Secure on-site shredding services are provided for your company in situations where your organization requires the immediate or witnessed destruction of confidential, copyrighted, or royalty-based materials directly on the premises. As with off-site shredding, your employees place sensitive information for destruction in strategically placed locked containers; however, with on-site shredding we destroy these materials right at your location with mobile shredding trucks.

Media Destruction:

The SIS team also understands that your privacy compliance challenges extend beyond paper-based information to include electronic storage as well. Data tapes, DVD’s and other types of digital media are also potentially vulnerable if not securely destroyed. Media destruction renders these materials permanently destroyed, unreadable and non-recoverable to meet your needs.

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