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Dissecting Misconceptions about Going Paperless and Scanning Services

Although the concept of a paperless society can lead to more convenient and fluid work operations, there are still some who harbor doubts and concerns about this unfamiliar idea. Before you refuse going for a paperless operation, consider what Mark Shead of Productivity501.com had to say on the different misconceptions about going paperless and scanning services:

The paperless office is no longer being held back by technical challenges. Everything you need to “go paperless” exists. The current barriers are cultural and process issues more than anything technical.

The transition from traditional to paperless operations can be very challenging. If your business handles many documents, though, you can consider switching to a paperless system to make file management and organization more convenient:

The components of a paperless office are readily available and fairly inexpensive.

10 paperless Office Myths

An enduring misconception about a paperless office is that the technology to make it possible has not come out yet. Although we are still years away from being a fully paper-free society, technology to make the paperless workplace possible already exists. Digital conversion companies offer file conversions of physical documents for reasonable prices. The problem is that most companies have yet to acknowledge the advantages of document conversion.

Another concern about going paperless is that everything will be converted into digital files and no physical copies will be retained. This is also false, since the idea of going paperless is for convenience and ease of access. It is recommended to not convert everything; identify which sections of your company need digital versions of their files so that they can work more efficiently:

Others don’t trust the security that digital information can provide. What many don’t realize is that physical documents are susceptible to damage, while digital files are well-protected provided they are placed in a safe server. Keeping digital versions of your physical documents will ensure their availability far in the future:

Physical paper can burn and be stolen. Digital information backed up in multiple locations is protected from pretty much any scenario that can cause the loss of paper data.

It is no secret that high-resolution scanning can definitely help your business operate better. Consider going paperless now by consulting with your trusted digital conversion company today.

(Source: 10 Paperless Office Myths, Productivity501.com)

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