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Digital File Archives Make for Efficient and Secure Document Storage

“A cluttered desk reflects a cluttered mind,” an adage goes, and it might as well be true. Having too much paper on desks can delay or inhibit work. It often takes a significant amount of time to sort through a stack of sheets just to find a single file. Sometimes, even when papers are shelved or stored in containers, they can still take up too much space—just look at offices that are cramped because they have too many file cabinets.

Almost Papeless

For these reasons, some businesses decide to go paperless, and scan and store their files digitally. However, without proper file mapping and sorting, these businesses might end up missing their goal of clearing out uncategorized files. As an article from BBC News says:

According to Brooks Duncan who runs an advice website called documentsnap.com the most challenging part of the process [of going paperless] is to think about it before you start, and find a method that works for you.

“It definitely pays off when you are first looking at going paperless to take some time with organization,” he says.

“What a lot of people do is they go out and buy a scanner and then start scanning their [own] documents. They replace their physical paper mess with a digital mess!”

Proper planning, file management and sorting is required before you store your paper files digitally. This will allow the files to be easily accessible and identifiable once they have been scanned. Make sure you accomplish this before calling providers of document storage services. They will help your business reduce paper clutter and gain more physical office space, which will in turn improve worker productivity and efficiency.

Companies like Spectrum Information Services can even help you further by providing tools that enhance document storage, access, and retrieval. By turning to such firms for assistance, you can not only guarantee getting a secure document storage system, but an efficient and easily manageable one, as well.

(Source: Clear your desk and go anywhere (almost) paperless, BBC News, 25 April 2013)