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Why you need VRS Technology

To meet our clients’ scanning needs and provide our clients with the best possible document management platform, Spectrum uses state-of-the-art VRS technology. VRS allows us to successfully scan documents with coffee stains, highlighter, shaded backgrounds and low contrast logos with no black out created.

At Spectrum, scanning services are performed using high speed commercial scanners equipped with image enhancement boards that help improve image clarity for better OCR (optical character recognition) results. Additionally, our scanners use ultra-sonic detection to prevent misfeeds by detecting the air pockets between sheets of paper. Ultra-sonic detection accelerates the productivity of the document imaging process immensely by reducing the amount of time that workers have to spend on re-scanning.

Benefits of Using VRS Technology:

  • De-Skew- This technique straightens pages that have been scaned sligtly crooked due to mechanical tolerances in the scanner’s document feeder. De-skewing can increase the accuracy of OCR by 5-10% or more
  • De-Speckle- Removing any erroneous dots (bits) on a page. OCR engines are unable to read words against the gray shaded backgrounds that are common on forms
  • Enhancement- Technique for processing an image so that the result is virtually clearer than the original image
  • Edge Enhancement- A multiple set of filters that sharpens the edges of characters, increasing the accuracy of OCR/ICR by 5-10%
  • De-Shading- Removing shadng allows you to read OCR zones that are otherwise unreadable
  • Line Removal- Line removal erases the lines on an image that cover the words on a document and reconstructs the characters so that they can be recognized

Still don’t believe it?


Before Scanning…


Scanning without VRS Technology


 Scanning with VRS Technology


Call us, you’ll be glad you!  We can help you come out of the dark ages and enjoying affordable VRS technology for all your document managment needs.

Curtis P. Pilon,  President, Founder

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