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Special thanks to Curtis Pilon and the entire Spectrum Information Services Team for helping the Major League Baseball Organization and especially the Scouting Bureau into the the world of imaging. It has helped us tremendously over the years and we are very grateful for all the services, education and technology you have brought to us over the years as it emerges. Thanks so much for all your help and friendship.

Major League Baseball

Spectrum Information Services (SIS) is one of the select few that have been providing services for First American for over 20 years and constantly brings emerging technologies to our attention to better our organization. Presently, SIS is providing all scanning services, printing and mailing services, as well as data hosting for our business critical data. We are very grateful for the high level of service you have offered over the years to First American.

First American Trust

Spectrum Information Services has been extremely incremental in helping Sharp's family of hospitals become digital. They have helped to convert all the leper files for not only Sharp Memorial, but also Mesa Vista and Mary Birch. I would recommend their services to any hospital faced with the same challenge of converting over to a digital EMR or EHR. We understand Spectrum has been helping hospitals like us for over 20 years and for good reason -- they stand behind their services.