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Document Management Consulting

Plan for Success.

Document Management Consulting

Does your company need consulting service for document management? Then turn to Spectrum Information Services (SIS), one of the top companies in the document managing industry. We’ve got the right solutions for you.

We understand that while technology is critical to the overall success of a project, technology alone is not enough to guarantee that the implementation of the project will be a success and meet the ever changing needs of our customers. Technology is only as good as the team of professionals who have the experience to utilize and support it.

Our experienced professional services and technical support team take an expert’s approach to document management to ensure that all of the client’s value propositions are met. As the old saying goes – those who fail to plan, plan to fail. By working closely together during the “due diligence” stage, the combined implementation teams (yours and ours) will clearly define what the mission of the enterprise is, work together to target business process improvements and identify potential issues and concerns that need to be addressed.

Together we will determine conversion priorities based on time-lines and budget, prepare a concise project plan and statement of work. Our combined efforts will deliver a plan with clearly defined deliverables, measurable results and milestones which will result in a project that will meet and exceed your expectations

The major goals of the Professional Services organization include:

  • Utilize proven project management methodologies
  • Develop and maintain an effective communications plan throughout the implementation process
  • Ensure project timelines are being met
  • Clearly define and document the project scope
  • Define, validate and obtain written acceptance on the Statement of Work prior to beginning the project
  • Identify potential risks and develop a comprehensive mitigation plan
  • Provide “Chain of Custody” throughout the conversion process
  • Provide measurable results as defined by our clients

For document management services, our implementation team consists of a project managerapplication engineer, application programmer, production coordinator.

Project Manager — During the implementation phase, the project manager is the liaison between SIS and our clients and is responsible for developing and maintaining the project schedule, conducting project meetings, establishing weekly (or other appropriate timeframe) project calls and documenting weekly project status. The project manager will be responsible for the management of the implementation team, will monitor the tasks that our staff will be performing, communicating weekly status and escalation issues that will impact the release date as defined in the detailed design specification.

Application Engineers — responsible for the technical configuration of the system, application design, and document capture workflow. It is their responsibility to:

  • Work with the customer to obtain test documents
  • Work with the customer to understand their needs and complete the needs assessment document
  • Analyze the customer’s documents to develop an efficient production process
  • Define the index requirements and front-end configuration settings for the scanning process
  • Assist in defining any exceptions or custom application enhancements

Application Programmers — responsible for the system configuration and scripting of the required setup(s) for the scanning applications. They work closely with the application engineers in analyzing the data and defining the configuration parameters.

Production coordinator –ensures that all production processes and required documentation are delivered and updated throughout the term of the contract. The production coordinator is also responsible for all pre and post-production activities involving on-site and off-site resources.

Our professional document management services team follows proven methodologies and techniques to ensure that your project is delivered on-time and on-budget.

  • Design Phase: — Our professional services team will produce a detailed design specification that will outline the end-to-end scope, project plan and functional requirements, time-lines and milestones that will be required by our development team in order to develop the solution. A detailed design specification will be delivered for formal approval and validation before the Acceptance Test Plan development phase begins.
  • Acceptance Test Plan Development Phase: During this phase, we will develop a detailed acceptance test plan based on the approved design specification to ensure all functionality and requirements defined have a corresponding test plan. The acceptance test plan is a critical plan that will determine when the developed solution is ready for production usage and deployment. The Acceptance test plan will be delivered to our customer for approval before the Development/Configuration phase begins. In most cases, some of the basic development tasks are started in parallel to the approval of the acceptance test plan.
  • Development/Configuration Phase: During this phase the development, unit testing, configuration, and integration efforts defined in the detailed design specification occurs.
  • Training Phase: During this phase, the implementation team will educate our operations staff on the solution from a functionality, usage and administrative perspective to prepare the teams for acceptance testing efforts, and production usage and administrative support when the solution is released to live production usage.
  • Acceptance Testing Phase: During this phase, the testing team will test the developed solution based on the testing procedures defined in the approved acceptance test plan. The actual testing typically is executed by both the operations staff and the professional services team; this will be defined in the detailed design specification. The success of this phase will determine whether the developed solution in ready for production usage.
  • Production Release Phase: During this phase, the Project Manager will meet with the customer and review the project, the results of the acceptance testing, the readiness of the users and administrators, and the systems that will be running the solutions to ensure if the solution is ready for live production usage.
  • Support Phase:  SIS’ support organization will be responsible for addressing any concerns and questions that surface during production usage of the developed solution.

Compliancy Certifications:

  • SAS 70 Type II
  • SSAE 16
  • Red Flag

Contact Spectrum Information Services for a consultation on document management services. We service areas within Irvine Orange County, California; Chicago, Illinois; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Denver and Boulder, Colorado; and Atlanta, Georgia. To find out more, get in touch by visiting our contact page and filling out the form.