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Document Destruction Services

Secure, controlled destruction.

shredded-paper-documents-600x400 freeLike physical document storage, secure controlled document destruction is a logical extension to modern electronic document management systems.

Once records have been imaged via paper scanning services, they are typically stored under the control of some formalized document storage protocol as we discussed under the “Document Storage” section. When documents reach the end of their legal life – or as non-critical document records that have been scanned or imaged are no longer needed – an efficient and secure method of document destruction must be part of the overall document imaging and scanning procedure.

Document destruction is a 4 step process and must occur within a secure environment to insure compliance with new Federal regulations. Federal regulations like SarBox, also known as SOX or Sarbanes Oxley, the Patriot Act – to help guard against identity theft, and Gramm Leach Bliley for financial confidentiality, carry stiff penalties for non compliance. The 4 steps for document destruction are:

  1. Proper identification of those physical records to be destroyed
  2. The actual destruction of the physical documents in a controlled and secure manner
  3. The recording of what documents were destroyed, when they were destroyed and by whom
  4. Providing the client with a Certificate of Destruction

An appropriate document destruction system provides for the reporting of electronic records to identify which physical documents are to be destroyed. Further, document destruction must also trigger the complete and irreversible deletion of any images created within the document scanning and imaging services. Besides deleting records from dynamic files within databases stored on disk files, the document destruction function would also provide for the shredding of compact disks (CD) as well the original documents and records.

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