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With more companies facing data breeches and leaks, what effect would an information loss have on your manufacturing facility?

Consider how long your manufacturing process would be delayed in the event of a records related disaster. To keep production on track, it makes sense to implement an electronic backup of your most important documents with our cloud-based and secure solutions.

Since most processes surrounding the manufacturing process are heavily paper-based and manual, this sector can dramatically benefit from implementing technology to gain a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Spectrum streamlines business processes to improves overall customer service, reduces costs, and helps ensure compliance to assist manufacturers in remaining leaders within their manufacturing niche.

A wide range of departments found within manufacturing companies can put a document management solution to work for paper-intensive processes within accounting, customer service, engineering, human resources, operations, sales, and quality assurance.

For decades manufacturing companies stored all of their records in warehouses or massive banks of file cabinets. This meant that locating the files they need took time and effort from employees day to day time.

With proven solutions available today, we can drastically improve the access and security to all of your documents.

This also means protecting your newest product innovations in a secure and backed up cloud. Storage units are constantly at risk of being broken into and confidential documents are therefore in jeopardy of being stolen.

A paperless office reduces that risk by digitizing valuable information and allowing access to authorized personnel only.

Secure records management and manufacturing records solutions are crucial elements of what Spectrum does to protect your assets, your intellectual property and enhance your bottom line.

Please reach out to use and we can share multiple ways how we’ve helped other manufacturing companies moved toward a paperless and automated document management workflow solution.


Lower Overall Costs

Streamline Operations

Protect Key Information

Powerful Cloud Backups

Eliminate Box Storage

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How Manufacturers Benefit from our Solutions

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Decrease Costs

Eliminate the time and effort needed to store and locate physical records

Improve Security

Protect a wide range of manufacturing related documents by controlling access

Cloud Backup

Ensure your essential manufacturing records are backed up off-site in the cloud

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