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HITECH Incentive Payments: Have you started collecting?

EMR Medical Records Management

The HITECH Act and EMR Platforms – Are you ready?

Have you started to budget, implement or utilize an EMR  (Electronic Medical Records) system?Do you have a plan for your digital conversion?  Have you begun the process for receiving federal funds from the HITECH Incentives Program?  Are you informed on exactly what the HITECH act is?

The HITECH act patient records digitization must be instituted by 2015. By implementing a certified EMR platform / EMR system and demonstrating meaningful use, doctors and physicians are eligible for the following:ECH Act is the government’s initiative to have all medical facilities who accept Medicare and Medicaid subsidies to be fully digital b

  • Medicare providers are eligible to receive up to $44,000 in cash over 4 years per physician
  • Medicaid providers are eligible to receive up to $68,000 in cash over 6 years per physician

Funds are available on a first come, first serve basis, so acting promptly to commit to an approved process may make a difference in your bottom line. Be informed and make sure you take advantage of our free analysis and the incentives provided. 

How We Can Help

Spectrum Information Services can help you by providing a FREE evaluation to automate your current medical or healthcare facility. Recommendations may include the following:

Facts/ Timeline:

2014: Last year to initiate participation in the Medicare EMR Incentive Program

2015: Eligible professionals will be penalized for lack of participation in a certified EMR system

2016: Last year to receive Medicare EMR incentive compensation and last year to initiate participation in the Medicaid EMR Incentive Program

2021: Last year to receive Medicaid EMR Incentive compensation

Other helpful resources and governmental information regarding EMR platforms and systems.





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