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Spectrum Information Services (SIS) has been in the business of helping companies with their document management, scanning services, and printing for over two decades.   SIS is a company whose rapid growth has been driven by the power and capabilities of the latest technologies. The original SIS was founded in 1991 for the purpose of providing Computer Output Microfiche (COM) Services to those that couldn’t afford the costly hardware, we have grown rapidly by providing a wide variety of information technology services and equipment. The following is an example of just some of the services and products we currently provide to a very diverse client base:

  • Document Scanning Services
  • Document Management Software (including SAAS and EMR)
  • Professional IT Services
  • Microfi lm and Microfiche Scanning Services
  • Large Format Scanning Services
  • Vital Records Storage, Protection, and Retrieval
  • Disaster Recovery Planning Services
  • Statement Laser Printing and Fulfillment Services
  • Direct Mail Marketing

Our client base includes Major Healthcare Providers, International Financial Institutions, Government, Educational Institutions and other cross industries like Manufacturing and Retail. In today’s fastpaced Information and Technology Age, it is our goal to bring our clients the best possible solution for their application requirements. SIS feels that it is our responsibility to not only understand our clients’ needs, but the marketplace and the emerging technologies that can better satisfy those requirements. Many companies can’t commit the resources to researching tradeshows, seminars, and literature in order to determine what’s available to them in today’s technology based world. SIS will not only help educate but implement solutions as well.

SIS will perform the following services at NO COST to you or your company:

  • Educate staff on current technologies in order to make informed decisions
  • Create custom software and hardware solutions to satisfy application requirements on an individual basis
  • Develop and implement marketing plans including Web Sites, Multi Media CD Cards, and Direct Mailing
  • Custom statement design, development, and printing to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction
  • Recommending, training, and maintaining scanners, digital network printers and a wide variety of mailing equipment

Innovation to find answers to customer’s challenges has been the building block for SIS. We pride ourselves on understanding customers’ needs, whether for the end user or the president, then satisfying those needs with the appropriate tools. In fact, we are licensed resellers of hundreds of software platforms and hardware manufacturers to ensure we have the right protocol for the project. We pride ourselves on our ability to establish strategic partnerships and relationships with provider companies that help us to better serve our customer base. Overall, we are poised to serve our clients’ needs whether it is in preservation, distribution, or the generation of information by creating and implementing the perfect solution for every need. Today SIS is made up of three divisions delineating its business into the following areas, including but not limited to those items listed below:

Document Scanning Services– supplies services such as scanning, media conversion, microfilm and microfiche, digitizing, and disaster recovery programs.

Document Management Services– provides software and technology solutions to create more efficient workflows and decrease costs.

Printing and Mailing Services – provides cost-effective processing, printing, and mailing services for a wide variety of financial and medical institutions.