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What is augmented reality

Print2Life interactive print

Spectrum Information, in partnership with PBI/Print2Life, now provides new technology called augmented reality.  This fascinating scanning technology recently emerged on the scene and is finding its way to U.S. popularity with the increased usage of smart phones and tablets, as well as society’s hunger for more interesting engagement and a fast info fix, especially for Gen Y’s, who’ve really only known the digital age.  It work simiarly, but is a worthy and much more aesthetic replacement for its clunky predecessor, the QR code.  It’s spreading fast especially due to its innate, viral components; simply put its fun to show and share!

Augmented reality also known as Interactive print, or clickable print; it enhances any registered print image by overlaying and instantly launching a 3D mini-movie, any video and/or call-to-action hot buttons via your smart phone.  Scanning any registered image using the app automatically launches a variety of assigned features, information or additional links.  The Print2Life application also recognizes traditional QR codes. It is free to download for Apple or Android operating systems.

Download the app and view a bit more about the capabilities of augmented reality print on our Print2Life introductory page, and try it yourself on our Print2Life examples page.

Spectrum and our Print2Life resellers/associates look forward  to working with you to create memorable, trackable ad campaigns, talking business cards and more. Contact us today.

Print2Life app partners with Spectrum Information Services for its United States launchHow to use Print2Life app


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